The Service Management Dream Team

Serious experience with a shared vision.

Cor Winkler Prins — CEO

Cor Winkler Prins

Cor started his career in the service management industry in 1996 when his sister Frederieke asked him to help her get the global consulting organization off the ground for, what later became, HP OpenView Service Desk. They have been working together ever since.

As a consultant, Cor has assisted many large enterprises over the years with their global ITSM deployments. These include Procter & Gamble, Philip Morris and Roche.

Cor specializes in translating ITIL theory into practical process flows and supporting tool specifications. His work had a major impact on the ITSM industry when in 1999 he developed the first comprehensive set of integrated ITIL-based service management processes, called the Alignability Process Model. This set of process definitions and implementation practices was later acquired by BMC Software.

Giving managers the ability to track the financial aspects of their services has always been his main interest.

Frederieke Winkler Prins — General Manager, Americas

Frederieke Winkler Prins

Frederieke has well over 20 years of experience in the IT service management (ITSM) industry and has been an ITIL master since 1993. She worked in a variety of consulting and management capacities for organizations like Hewlett-Packard and BMC Software.

Frederieke has always been on the leading edge of IT service management, helping large corporations such as DHL, JT International and Avaya with their global ITSM projects.

Throughout her career she remained focused on delivering quantifiable results from ITSM implementations while at the same time dramatically simplifying ITSM processes and their supporting applications.

Martijn Adams — General Manager, EMEA

Martijn Adams

Martijn is one of the world’s most experienced implementers of service management solutions for global enterprises. Over the past 15 years, Martijn has helped organizations like the HeidelbergCement group, the European Union and Groupe Danone with their multinational ITSM initiatives.

Apart from his hands-on project involvement, he held a senior management position at InfraVision. Martijn’s leadership as director of InfraVision’s ITSM & SIAM Practice helped InfraVision to become ITRP’s most successful European partner organization.

At the ITRP Institute, Martijn uses his experience to ensure that our partners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa have everything they need to make their ITRP customers successful.

Mathijs Sterk — Chief Software Architect

Mathijs Sterk

Before co-founding the ITRP Institute, Mathijs worked for more than 10 years as a freelancer in the development, architecture and management of large application development projects for multinationals, including ABN-AMRO, Fortis, and Hewlett-Packard where he worked on HP OpenView Service Desk.

With his creative mind and sociological skills he quickly gets to the core of functional business requirements, to transform them into an elegant technical implementation. Optimizing performance and minimizing maintenance are integral parts of any development project he leads.

Robin Roestenburg — Principal Software Engineer

Robin Roestenburg

Robin has been developing web applications for more than a decade. Before joining the ITRP Institute, he was the technical lead for several successful web application development projects using a variety of programming languages, tools and application frameworks.

Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies is an integral part of modern-day web development. At the ITRP Institute, Robin uses his knowledge of these innovations to continuously push forward the development of the ITRP application service.

This knowledge, along with his extensive experience, have earned Robin a strong position of influence within the development team.